Ürünler → DA-ROS → TOHUM ATMA LR400

Integrated electronic seeder holding drum system and "row by row" system. It allows high production working as well as many small sowing stocks of difficult seeds. The drum seeder has different speed control of the drum and transport belt allowing to deposit more seeds per cell without changing the drum. The "row by row" system allows to make use of small quantity of seeds (nacked or pelleted).

The seeder dibbles, sows, covers (with Vermiculite/Agriperlite), waters and stacks. The adjustment of these operations and the speed of the belt are controlled from the touch screen control panel.

The easy adjustment and the simplicity in changing the sowing drums, seeding bars and/or nozzles, allows to seed in different types of trays with different types of seeds. The machine can be fed by a trayfiller without making electrical connections.


Machine composition:

  • Support frame
  • Tray advancement belt
  • Flat dibbling unit 
  • Drum sowing unit
  • Bar sowing unit
  • Sub-silent vacuum pump
  • Drum covering group
  • Watering group
  • Tray stacker