Electronic transplanting machine to transplant into pots or trays. The machine can be equipped with max 10 self-driving double-movement fingers for a homogeneous transplanting. Fingers group operates parallel to the belt working direction. The easy and quick adjustments enable this machine to be quickly adapted to all types of donor trays and all pots in transplanting while guides into a pot despenser. Whatever is the pattern combinations of the trays to work with, the special software always allows the total emptying of the plants from the donor trays. Setting like: working speed, pick up and transplanting depth, plants height, side way pick up, etc. are easily settable without machine stop, directly from the control panel provided of colour touch screen display. The transplanting machine can be connected to a potting machine or trayfilller.


Machine composition:

  • Support frame
  • Finger group holding axle
  • Independent self-driven double-movement fingers
  • Tray transport belt in pick up 700mm width
  • Tray or pots transport belt in deposit